Customer Reviews

  I purchased a machine from Legacy Lasers 5 years ago for production work engraving anodized aluminum and cutting and engraving wood. Since this was my first laser purchase I had many concerns about a laser so reasonably priced. The power, longevity, and repeatability of the machine. Parts and servicing the machine in a timely manner. Support for the operation and software. Since 2009 all of these concerns have been addressed. We load pallets into the machine and it cuts and engraves in the same spot every time. Any issue we may stumble upon are addressed immediately. The only time we needed a replacement part it was in our factory within 24 to 48 hours. Legacy Lasers stocks replacement parts making maintenance fast and easy. Since then we have purchased another laser engraver from Legacy to double our capacity. If you're in the market for a Laser Legacy allows you a great price without sacrificing quality or service.
- Ryan Martin
  Martin Archery
  For many years, I wanted to own a laser machine for use cutting detailed graphics and lettering for our custom racing suits. I first witnessed the ability of the laser in 1994 and was in awe of it's quality, speed and repeatability. I knew I must own one. Then I researched the cost and realized that a laser setup was substantially out of my budget. Years later, I got the itch to investigate the laser cutters again and I found Legacy Lasers. They offered affordable lasers that performed nearly exactly the same as the ones I had looked at many years before. I knew I had to had one and had very grand ambitions for all the things I would do with my own machine. I purchased my first machine from Legacy Lasers in October of 2012. This machine did perform exactly as I had anticipated and made the production of our custom racing suits faster, more efficient, and graphically more intricate than I had ever imagined. I use this machine for cutting and engraving of leather, PVC, Naugahyde, plastic, rubber and foam. It has worked excellently and I was so pleased with it that I bought my second machine recently. Learning how to use the laser was somewhat intimidating. Upon my initial purchase, I requested that Dean come to California to assist in the setup and to guide me through the initial steps of becoming a laser cutter. Dean helped in assembling the machine and we got it up and running within a couple hours of his arrival. Since that initial clinic, I contact Dean with any questions or issues I run across and he has been excellent in answering me immediately and to troubleshoot anything that gets me stumped. To say the least, I am pleased with my purchase of my Legacy Laser machines and I highly recommend them to prospective buyers. I also highly encourage those buyers to consult with Dean about the products and to utilize his knowledge base once they take delivery of their machine.
- Kelcey Gordon
  Owner, NJK Leathers
  1040 Calle Cordillera, suite 101
  San Clemente, CA 92673
  (949) 481-3005
  As one of our first, key pieces of equipment for our new Fab Lab, Metropolitan Community College purchased the 1100 Series 80W Laser Engraver/Cutter from Dean at Legacy Lasers. We wanted a large work area and yet the ability to accomplish fine details at an affordable price. We received the laser late on Dec 18th. Dec 19th we moved it to its new location across the college campus. Dean arrived on Dec 20th to set up the laser and provide training. Dean's service enabled us to hold our first Fab Lab class the very next day and everything went perfectly. The 1100 Series - "Big Red" as we call it - is a work horse. It is by far the most versatile and popular machine at our Fab Lab. We've cut everything from ¾" pine to Plexiglas to engineered wood and engraved glass, crystal, wood, Plexiglas and even leather with great success. We've had only one issue with Big Red and that's the laser's power supply. It went out on a Wednesday afternoon. I troubleshot the system to figure out what the problem was and contacted Dean Thursday morning. He contacted the factory in China and by Monday morning at 8:00 a.m. the new power supply was on my desk. That's three days! Based on the outstanding performance of both Dean and the laser machine, we will definitely purchase another Big Red!
- Hugh Schuett
  Metropolitan Community College
I became very interested in owning a laser after visiting a friend that owned two.
I hoped to use it to enhance my woodworking "hobby", so clearly price was going to be an issue. I began to do research and quickly learned that the only affordable "new" machines were going to be made in China.
My friend strongly recommended Legacy Lasers, so I visited their web site. I quickly realized that considering the amount of money I was willing to spend I would be able to afford a few upgrades.
I was able to afford the 400 series machine and add the rotary attachment, PhotoGrav software, as well as the larger chiller.
The most difficult part of the purchase was waiting the four weeks from the time I ordered it to the time it arrived.
I was fortunate that my friend was able to help me setup my machine, however after reviewing the documentation that came with it, I don't think I would have had any trouble setting it up on my own.
The machine has operated as advertised, and after just a few weeks I can see taking this beyond the "hobby" stage. With just 11 months until retirement, I see a lot of potential with this machine.
I am very pleased with Legacy Laser's and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone.
- Max S.
Let me start by saying this was an excellent investment.
My wife decided she wanted something that etched tile and glass for her side business, and started researching, next thing I know I had some sales rep from one company calling us giving us the hard sell, wanting us to make an appointment and travel 200 miles to meet. He was trying to sell us everything from web development to protection plans and a machine that yes had all the bells and whistles but was ultimately less powerful with a smaller table size than what we ended up getting from Legacy Lasers at more than double the price. And if you're at all like me most of those added feature would have either gone unused or even gotten in the way. On that note one of the extras I did get from Legacy the Photograv software has been invaluable for tweaking images to be engraved and I use it with most new projects.
After more research (and me saying we were not paying that much) we found that Legacy Lasers had the most bang for the buck with good reviews, so that's the one we went with. Dean was helpful without being over the top. Everything arrived well packaged. I'm a handy individual with some computer background so I did the setup myself and had everything up and running in a day. There is a bit of a learning curve, but I had a blast playing with the machine learning what all it could do.
Now four years in it's been one of the best purchases I've ever made, though the purchase and initial plans were my wife's, I have since (the first 6 months)taken over the machine and turned it into a very profitable side business. Let me tell you I have ran this engraver on almost a daily basis for most of that time with only minor issues most of which I have no problem fixing. The few times I did need parts or more information, Dean has been more than helpful getting me what I needed quickly.
I highly recommend Legacy Lasers equipment and when I do purchase a second unit it's going to be from them.
- Erik Simmons (Lord Mock)
I could not be more pleased with my Legacy Laser. After a ton of online research, I bought a Legacy 400 in Dec. 2013with an upgrade to a 60W tube. I was considering purchasing an Epilog laser. In comparison, I got a larger work area, and a much more powerful engraver for less than half of the price of the entry level Epilog product.
The purchase was simple with PayPal, and Dean kept me updated on the build and delivery status. Setup was easy, and Dean was available to help with any questions I had during the process.
The 60W is very powerful, I am extremely pleased with its capabilities. It cuts 1/4 inch thick lumber on one pass, and engraves very well. As far as support, Dean is only ever a phone call or an email away.
I would recommend a Legacy Laser to anyone.
- Oliver Fisher
We purchased our Legacy Laser 80 Watt 1100 Series engraver in early 2012. Dean was great to work with throughout the entire purchasing and installation process. We certainly appreciate the time he spent answering our many technical and mechanical questions in the months before and after our purchase. Our engraver has preformed wonderfully and we have not had any issues. My staff and I enjoy learning about engraving and look forward to continued progress in the laser engraving industry.

- Regina Kenerley
  General Manager
  A Logo For You
  100 Stafford Court
  Williamsburg, VA 23185
  757-220-6717 fax
We purchased our 8000 series laser from Dean 3 years ago. What a great deal, service is excellent, and he always has the right answer. We use ours daily and have had no major issues. Nice to be able to get customer support right here in the USA ! If your looking to buy, call Dean at Legacy!

- Leslie & Curt Allen
  Finishing Touches Quilt Shop
  (304) 810-4089
My wife Laurie and I met Dean Novakowski at the 2009 NBM Show in Charlotte, North Carolina. Laurie was looking for a solution to cut large and elaborate pieces of fabric with great precision and the laser units Dean offered through Legacy Laser were very suited to our needs.
We spent November and December of 2009 clarifying our requirements with Dean, followed by an order in December of 2009.
Laurie and I were completely new to Laser cutting, and we started from scratch with Dean's assistance in March of 2010.
Over the course of the past five years, Dean has provided assistance and guidance with every issue that has surfaced in Laurie's designs. Our largest concern was that we'd be left with a large laser and no one to help us past the rough spots. That has not been a concern. Dean and Legacy Laser have been with us every step of the way, as recently as the fall of 2014 with fixes for our challenges. Dean at Legacy Lasers understands the laser industry, and is there to help you out, getting started or working through process challenges you may have. He remains a great partner and knowledgeable resource as we continue to develop creative content for our markets.

- Bill and Laurie Bazil
Legacy Lasers and Dean our point of contact have provided my studio with amazing service and support. Having had some experience in installing and maintaining lasers I decided to do the installation myself and Dean was more than helpful with trouble shooting any snags. At first glance the driver software seems a bit kludgy as the UI could use some updating and refinement, however, once I got the hang of it, I feel that I can manipulate the machine and work more easily with jigs than I had been able to with either epilog or universal. I also think that for production work, avoiding the need to run through a printer driver and having on board memory was a plus. When we purchased our machine we also got a rotary attachment. The rotary attachment is of the lathe chuck variety. It works fine but there is no rotary specific software so mapping the image correctly on a variety of diameters takes a bit of math and some hacking of the scan line resolution. All in all we have found great value in the products and service offer by legacy lasers, and would recommend them to anyone interested in import lasers.

- Bryce Beamer
We ordered the laser from Legacy Lasers in November 2012, and we decided to do the installation ourselves. Dean was incredibly helpful throughout the process and helped us work through the set-up whenever we weren't able to figure something out. The laser works great, and the size is perfect.

- Helen Schindler